Why offerings?

Some people may wonder why the church collects money each week.  Isn't that greedy?  It is only fair that we explain the reasons we take an offering.

  • Least important reason: Bills: Like any organization, the church has bills to pay.  Utilities, building upkeep and staff salaries all need to be paid.  The staff is not getting wealthy (they all have other sources of income) but we do believe that a laborer is worthy of their wages.  In fact, much of the work done around the church is done by volunteers.  In addition, when maintenance is needed, even if people volunteer to do the work, someone has to pay for the materials.
  • Obedience: We believe that God calls His people to give to His work.  God has the resources to do what He needs, He has put it in the member's pockets.
  • Ownership: The Bible says that where your treasure is,  your heart will be also.  If you donate to animal protection, you will probably be more interested in animal protection, if you donate to your church, you will be more interested in your church.
  • Most important reason: Worship: We know from the Bible that everything we have is because of God's grace and mercy.  When we give back, we are acknowledging that it all is His and that He lets us use it.  Just as singing or praying are forms of worship, giving is also a way we can worship God.