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Isaiah 9:1-2, Luke 1:26-35 - Jesus Light of God

Kevin Finkenbinder

Jesus Light of God – Isaiah 9:1-2, Luke 1:26-35

Light __________________Isaiah 9:1-2, John 1:1-4

All of humanity has lived in the ____________ of death.

God’s Light promised was a __________ that allowed us to see hope in a dark world.

The coming of Jesus is a ____________ of hope that lights up the sky.

The Light is God’s __________Luke 1:26-31

Ultimately God __________ to favor Mary because of His graceful ________ for the whole world.

God has chosen to favor the whole earth with the possibility of grace… a light shining in the darkness, but the darkness doesn’t ____________________ so it is troubled by the light.

Light Is the ______________Luke 1:32-33

Τhe promise that he would sit on the throne of David in the house of Jacob could only mean a miraculous ______________________ of the prophesied messiah.

Light ____________________ from GodLuke 1:34-35

The miracle was not at His __________ but nine months earlier at His conception.

The __________________ of Jesus started the moment He became a human.

Christmas is about ________.

He is also ________ of the Universe and ________ of the World.