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James 4:11-5:10 Riches, Judgment, and Patience

Kevin Finkenbinder

James 4:11-5:10

James 4:11-12

  1. What is meant by “do not speak against one another”?
  2. Does this mean we cannot disagree?
  3. Some would say that we cannot evaluate others because that would be judging them. Is that what this passage says?

James 4:13-17

  1. Reread verse 13, is it wrong to say we will go and do something?
  2. Is the problem the words or the attitude?
  3. Does this prevent us doing planning?
  4. When is not doing something a sin?
  5. Is it a sin to do nothing if you don’t know what to do?

James 5:1-6

  1. Who is rich?
  2. How do riches become a witness against us?
  3. Are all riches bad? If not, what distinguishes bad riches from good riches?

James 5:7-10

  1. Do you ever need patience when waiting for something you don’t want to happen? What does being patient imply about waiting for the Lord’s coming?
  2. Why is complaining not compatible with patience? What does complaining imply about your trust?
  3. The prophets are held up as an example of suffering and patience. Read Hebrews 11:32-40. How are they an example?
  4. Who in your life can you look at as an example of suffering and patience?