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John 1:1-14 - Words of Light

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 1:1-9 – The Word of Light

Genealogy of The ________John 1:1-2

λòγος which can be translated ________, reason, ____________, meaning, standard, principle, and logic.

While there is only ______ God, He exists in ________ than one person.

And God saidGenesis 1:3,6,9,11,14,20,24

We have reason, speech, meaning, standards, principle, and logic because we are made in the image of God.

Genealogy of ________________John 1:3-5

The Word created ______ things.

__________ is a metaphor for meaning, logic and understanding.

________________ indicates a lack of God's wisdom and understanding.

God created us to be ______________________ by Him.

Genealogy of the ____________John 1:6-13

When we share the gospel our goal is to __________ people to the Light.

The good news becomes ____________________ from the context of the bad news, but it does not end with the bad news.

Without the move of the ________ ____________ in our lives we will never be saved.

Genealogy of __________John 1:14

The Word became __________: we call it the incarnation

There is no way to ________ the glory of God in His actions, His compassion, His words and His __________________.


How did we get here? The Word ________ all things.

Why are we here? To have God’s __________ in us to ______________ God.

What went wrong? In ______ we relied on our ______ wisdom.

And How do we fix it? Accept the __________________ that comes only through the ________.