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John 1:35-51 - Come and See...Greater Things

Kevin Finkenbinder

John 1:35-51 – Come and See…Greater Things

Becoming a Disciple John 1:35-39

One day we will see Him as He is

Isaiah 6

  • Recognize that He is exalted as God and we are not.
  • Recognize that His holy while we are sinners.
  • Let His atonement touch us and cleans us.
  • Say, “Here am I, send me.”

Introducing JesusJohn 1:40-42

The way we act when we show Jesus to someone makes a difference.

Answering SkepticsJohn 1:43-46

Nathanael believed that Nazareth was a back-water slum.

Three question Bible Study

Read a passage.

  1. Ask: What does it say?
  2. Ask: What does it mean?
  3. Ask: If you believed it, how would it apply?

Invite them to see Jesus.

Seeing with new eyesJohn 1:47-51

The Greek word for truly/verily is AMEN.