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John 10:39-42 - Sharing a Testimony

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 10:39-42 – Sharing a Testimony

The best testimony about God's work in our lives is what He has kept us ________ doing, not what we have done in ________________ of Him.

Some People are ______________ to JesusJohn 10:39

They could not answer Stephen's ____________, but still opposed him.Acts 6:9-10

The gospel led to ____________________.Acts 7:54-60

It is usually not you being ________________, but Jesus in you.

People recall where ______ wereJohn 10:40a

Point to the ways God has worked ____ ________ ________.

Share about how He has ______________ your life.

Your testimony is not just sharing how you have been __________.

Your stories open the ________ for their lives to be changed.

Stay with __________John 10:40b-41a

It is always less stressful to introduce someone you ________ than someone you know __________.

Your duty in giving a testimony is to __________________ Jesus.

Tell the __________John 10:41b-42

They will remember your __________________.

John the Baptist didn't __________ understand who Jesus is.Matthew 11:2-6

If you lose your __________________, the message you share will not matter.

You must be sure your life exudes truth so that people will ______________ your testimony.