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John 11:45-57 - Politics of Unbelief

Kevin Finkenbinder
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The Politics of Unbelief

Politicians Worry about their ____________________ John 11:45-48

We are called to lay aside our offices and power and ____________ ourselves. Philippians 2:3-8

Politics seeks position, the gospel humbly ____________.

Politicians Value __________ Not People John 11:49-52

As Christ followers, we are to ________ about people. Luke 8:42-48:

Politics values power, the gospel knows ______________________ are of infinite worth.

Politicians ________ and Scheme John 11:53-56

His goal was to make His disciples to be ________ Him. Matthew 10:24-25a

Summary of the ________ of a disciple. Ephesians 4:29-5:2

God has a ________ for reaching the world 2 Timothy 2:2

Politics Plots and Schemes, the gospel ______________ disciples.

Politicians __________ Power John 11:57

Politicians use power to ________________ their power.

Politics abuses power, the gospel is ____________ powerful.