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John 12: 1-11 - Motivations

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 12:1-11 – Motivations

Worship of God is a pure motive John 12:1-3

Martha’s motive broke down some when she became ______________ of Mary. Luke 10:38-40

Jesus was saddened by her ________________ of her sister’s motives.

True worship should be ____________________ because it is the purist motive.

Selfish motives __________ us to God’s glory John 12:4-6

Jesus ________ that Judas was not a disciple. John 6:70-71

________ worship is incompatible with selfish motives.

God ______________ Pure Motives John 12:7-8

As she honored God in the here and now, He was honored in the ____________.

If our motives are pure, even ________________ are used for God’s glory.

Motives of Amusement see God as __________________________ John 12:9

They didn’t want to see God for who He is, but for who they ________ Him to be.

Churches can be ____________ of seeing church as entertainment.

If entertainment is our motive for worship, we ______________ God in our lives.

Jealousy Motivates ______ Against God
John 12:10-11

He had a testimony of the __________.

They use every trick in their bag to ______________ the truth.

If a person is motivated by jealousy, they are on the ________ to sin.