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John 12:12-26 Triumph Through Tragedy

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 12:12-26  Triumph Through Tragedy

Triumph of Scripture __________________ John 12:12-15

The ______________ prophecy Zechariah 9:9

Nothing could be further below the look that an earthly king desired than riding on a ________.

The Anointed one (literally the Messiah) will be ______ ______ after the 7+62 weeks or 483 years Daniel 9:24-27

The timeclock starts with the command to rebuild __________________ on March 14, 445 BC.

A scriptural/prophetic year is ______ days.

 ________ ______ was a triumph of prophecy fulfilled.

Triumph of ______________ John 12:16

If we are ______________ ______ where He is working, we are part of a triumph.

We may not see it ______, but someday we will 1 Corinthians 13:12-13

We become __________ of God’s Triumph through the Triumph of Context.

A Tragic ________________ to Triumph John 12:17-19

No one can ________ themselves perfect.

We no longer fight to be ____________, we fight to be more like our ____________.

For those committed to ______________ their salvation, the triumph of Jesus is a tragedy.

Triumph Expanded to ______ John 12:20-22

Unfortunately, many Christians today act more like Henotheists than ______________________.

Salvation comes when people want to see Jesus for ______ ____ ____.

The Triumph of Jesus is ____________________ for all.

Triumph ______________ Tragedy John 12:23-26

The execution of God was the most heinous tragedy that has ________ happened.

Jesus is the one who ______________ for His death.

Jesus ________________ Triumph through His own Tragedy.