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John 12:27-50 - Troubles of God's Heart

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 12:27-50 –Troubles of God’s Heart

Jesus ____________ His troublesJohn 12:27-30

Eventually the trouble will __________ out.

The one who can do something is ______.

When we are troubled, we need to share the problem with God and __________ counselors.

Troubled by His __________________John 12:31-34

Jesus ________ that His mission would take Him to the Cross.

When troubled by suffering, don’t look to the __________ for compassion, look to ______ and His people.

Troubled for His __________________John 12:35-36

A time was coming quickly when they would feel they were immersed in ________________.

Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit as a __________________ and guideJohn 14

Αs we walk in His guidance, we are ______________ 1 John 1:7

As you are troubled for those around you, it is important that you try to help them be ________________.

Troubled by __________________John 12:37-41

______ ordained that the people would be deaf and blind until there was devastation and destruction Isaiah 6:8-13

There is a ________ at the end of the prophecy Isaiah 6:13

If someone around you is blind to God’s grace, are you sharing __________ ________ so they might see?

Troubled by __________________John 12:42-45

Jesus said that he would ________ such people before the father. Matthew 10:32-33

Take steps to get yourself (or them) to __________ for faith in Christ.

Troubled by ________________John 12:46-50

Jesus promises to bring people from darkness into light if they ______________ in Him.

His __________ will judge.

Are you troubled enough by the coming judgement of people to __________________ to share the truth with them?