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John 13:1-17 – A Loving Feat

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 13:1-17 – A Loving Feat

______________ Shows we Love John 13:1-5

 “He now showed them the ________ ____________ of His love.”

He loved the disciples enough that He ______________ Himself.

Are you ____________? John 13:6-10a

Approaching God with unclean hands and feet can be __________________. Exodus 30:18-21

Jesus is the one who washed us from our own sins by ______ ______ __________. Revelation 1:5

We need to be ________________ from the road grime of society.

____________ Antagonists John 13:10-11

He knew that Judas would ____________ Him, but still He served Judas and washed his feet.

How many times in the last week has _________ betrayed Jesus.

When we allow Him to wash our hearts, we are ________________ whiter than snow.

___________________ Love John 13:12-17

In His love He ____________.

Limiting Jesus’ command to a ritual of washing people’s feet undermines of Jesus’s ____________.

____________ service reflects the love of God flowing out of our hearts.

Jesus’ greatest feat was ____________ ____.