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John 13:18-38 - Betrayed

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 13:18-38 – Betrayed

Jesus __________ His BetrayersJohn 13:18-19

His betrayal is a fulfillment of ________________. Psalm 41:9

He chose Judas as a betrayer who He made His ____________.

The cost of betrayal is far outweighed by the ________________ of having other people in your lives.

Jesus is ________________ by BetrayalJohn 13:20-26

Feed your __________, if he is hungry, give him something to eat Proverbs 25:21

When you are betrayed, it is __________ to feel troubled.

Betrayal Changes the ________________John 13:27-30

Three sinful influences, the world, the __________ and the devil.

Usually, the cause of sin is the ______________ of our flesh.

The betrayer becomes double minded and ________________. James 1:8

God ________ Betrayal John 13:31-33

God uses __________ betrayal.

God doesn’t ______________ the betrayal.

________________ to Betrayal John 13:34-35

In Greek there are four kinds of love:

  • Ερος: ________________ attraction
  • Στοργε: ________________ love
  • Φιλεω: ____________________/brotherly love
  • Αγαπε: __________________________ love

When we self sacrificially love it goes contrary to what the world ______________.

__________ Leads to Self-BetrayalJohn 13:36-38

He didn’t ____________________ what following Jesus would entail.

In pride Peter thought he could stand ______________________, so he didn’t seek God’s help.

________ Him in all things.