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John 2:1-11 - Water, Wine and Signs

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 2:1-11 - Water, Wine and Signs

God the Father arranged a bride (____) for His Son2 Corinthians 11:2

The __________ was paid through the death of Jesus1 Corinthians 6:20

We repent and are engaged as the __________ of ChristLuke 15:10

We are __________ to Christ at salvation2 Corinthians 11:2

The son went to ______________ a place for us & promised to returnJohn 14:1-3

Jesus ____________ know when God will be readyMatthew 24:26

We will join in the marriage ____________ of the LambRevelation 19:7-8

Jesus knows the timingJohn 2:1-4

In His ministry, when his ________ had come, Jesus was more public.

We need to help each person to ________ as a disciple.

God's ways are not our waysJohn 2:5-8

At times God will ask you to do things that make ____ __________.

God will ask you to sacrifice your ______________ to reach out to others.

God abundantly provides the bestJohn 2:9-10

We need to lay aside our preconceptions and experience ______________ as God puts it in our path.

When God chooses to act, you can be sure that He will give you the ________.

The first signJohn 20:11

In each of these, Jesus does something that ____________ He is God.