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John 20 - Reactions to the Resurrection

Kevin Finkenbinder
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Reactions to the Resurrection

____________ and Believing John 20:1-8

Someone had rolled away the __________.

They believed Jesus was alive ______________ of what they saw.

The stone was not rolled away so that Jesus could get out, but so that the __________________ could see the empty tomb.

Some people will believe because they see the ________________.

Sharing a ______________ Life John 20:11-18

In her grief she didn’t __________________ Jesus when He spoke to her.

 When He changes your life, you can’t keep __________!

____________________ John 20:19-26a

Thomas did not reject his ________________________ with the believing disciples and the disciples did not reject him.

They need to see __________.

Pray for your ______________ to join you in eternity.

Belief and ______________________ John 20:26-31

1st he declares that Jesus is in ____________.

2nd Thomas recognizes is that Jesus is ______ ______.

“There is no one ________ but God.”

What about ______?

Which will ______ choose?