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John 4:1-42 - Drawing from the True Well

Kevin Finkenbinder

John 4:1-42 - Drawing from the True Well

Taking __________John 4:4-8

__________ took the risk.

Are you ______________ to take risks for the Gospel?

Will you ____ where "those people" are?

Inviting ____________John 4:9-14

When someone tries to ________ ________ the conversation, what will you do?

Are you willing to ____________ dialog for the Gospel?

Will you find a way to pique the ________________?

Connecting __________John 4:15-27

You can expose undeniable __________.

  • We will ______ die someday.
  • ______ of us fall short of God’s requirements.
  • Our world is getting __________.

Be sure that you answer in ________, not angerEphesians 4:15

Are you willing to ______________ to the truth?

Will you seek to share the truth in ________?

Involving ____________John 4:27-38

If you are burned out for God, you are doing __________________ things, not what God has asked.

The pastor is to equip you to do the ________ of ministryEphesians 4:12

Are you willing to ______________ others in sharing the gospel? Will you ________ me and others in doing ministry?

Following ______________John 4:39-42

It is ______________ to think that people are saved just because they walked an aisle.

The largest failure of the American church is a failure to ____________ ______________.

Are ______ willing to follow through?

Will you spend ________ to help them see God?