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John 4:43-5:16 - Signs of Belief

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 4:43-5:16 - Signs of Belief

______________ BeliefJohn 4:43-46a,48

All of us have times of __________________.

God has given us all ample evidence to believe Romans 1:19-22

“Lord, I believe, help my ________________.”Mark 9:24

__________________ BeliefJohn 4:46-49

This type of belief does not show full trust in God

A desperate belief is far ____________ than no belief.

When you are desperate will you show your belief by ______________ God?        Psalm 142:6

__________________ BeliefJohn 4:50-54

Blessed are those who have not ________ and yet have believedJohn 20:29

When you ask God for help, will you __________ Him in expectant belief?

“even though you do not see Him now, you ______________ in Him”1 Peter 1:8-9

__________________ BeliefJohn 5:1-5

When we place our faith on anything other than God, we often __________ our lives.

Will you ________ from misplaced belief and instead put your trust in God?

____________ BeliefJohn 5:6-9a

Many people ____ ______ want to be well

When our belief is genuine, we ______ in confidence.

If you are praying for rain, active belief brings an ________________ to the prayer meeting.

Will you act to ______________________ your belief and trust in God’s provision?

____________ BeliefJohn 5:9b-13

When you act in faith, some will ________________ you.

Will you ________________ to act out your belief even when challenged.  Will you survive the __________ that challenge your faith?

________________ BeliefJohn 5:14

Are we willing to keep serving now that the crisis has ____________?

Will you deny Jesus after He has rescued you, or will you ____________ faithful?

____________________ BeliefJohn 5:15-16

As we __________ ________ in our faith for Jesus, we will experience persecution.

Will you ________________ your belief even when persecuted?  Will you ________________ live out your faith even when persecuted?