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John 5:16-30 - Begotten, not Made

Kevin Finkenbinder
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Begotten, not Made – John 5:16-30

Jesus' ____________ is God.John 5:16-18

When we miss something in the Book of John, the ________ seem to come to our rescue.

There is ONLY ______ God, so if Jesus is God and is ________________ from the Father, this can only be true through the trinity.

Being one God in three persons is a ______________.

Jesus ________________ the Father.John 5:19-20

Jesus is ______________ by His submission.

This is the perfect example of Biblical ____________________.

The Father __________, so Jesus __________. What ____________ the Father ____________ the Son.

Is your view of the Father or the Son skewed, if so, look at what Jesus ________.

The Father __________________ to the Son.John 5:21-25

The Father doesn't want us to take the Son for granted, so He delegates both care and ________________ to the son.

Whoever hears the words of Jesus AND ________________ God has eternal life.

When you are dead in sin, you ____________ save yourself.

The Son ______________ on the Father.John 5:26-30

Jesus has life in ______________.

Those who have done good will live, those who have done evil will be eternally __________________.

There is ____ ______ who does good, not even one.Romans 3:10-12

We have now been __________________ by his blood.Romans 5:8-10

we are declared righteous and ________, because of what God has done through us.Romans 5:1-2

Peace with God is ____________ in alignment with His will.

Are you standing in __________? Are you at __________ with God?