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John 5.31-47 - The Testimony of Christ

Kevin Finkenbinder

John 5:31-47 – The Testimony of Christ

Concern ________________________John 5:31

When someone questions your faith in Christ, will you acknowledge and try to ______________ their concerns?

The Witness of ________John 5:23-35

If they don’t believe you, can you point them to a witness that they do or have __________________.

If you help person to see believers they do respect, it may make them more willing to ________ the gospel message.

The Evidence of the __________John 5:36

You cannot do miracles, but you have ________ that the Father has given you

As you work well you give ________________ that Jesus is working through you.

The only way anyone will ____________ is if you do the work that God has appointed.

The Witness of the ____________John 5:37-39

The very words of God in __________________ testify about Jesus being God’s Son.

The very words of Old Testament scripture __________ that Jesus is God.

The Evidence of __________________John 5:39-44

He doesn’t condemn them because they ________ to understand the scriptures about Him, but because they ____________ to believe

Their failure to accept proves that they have no ________ for God.

There is none so __________ as he who refuses to see.

The Accusation of __________John 5:45-47

Moses will accuse them because they refused to believe what he __________ about Jesus.

When Paul wrote, “All scripture is God breathed,” the ______ __________________ was what he was referring to2 Timothy 3:16-17

  When Peter wrote, the prophets spoke for God, it was the ______ __________________ prophets.2 Peter 1:19-21

We are not saved ____ Scripture, we know our savior ______________ Scripture.

Some are accused because of ____________________ to read and learn the Scriptures.