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John 6:1-27 – The Provision of God

Kevin Finkenbinder

John 6:1-27 – The Provision of God

Provision ________________John 6:1-2

When someone comes with an expectation of receiving material provisions, they are coming with the wrong motives…this is nothing more than __________.

Do you want to be tied to this world, or to God?  ____________ in what ties you to God.

Provision for __________________John 6:3-4

Be __________, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earthPsalm 46:10

Jesus tells His disciples to ________Mark 6:31-32

Jesus provides by ______________________ us to rest and fulfill other NEEDS.

Provision of God’s __________________John 6:5-14

This miracle is so significant that it is the only one recorded in ______ ________ of the gospels.

Each disciple had __________ of the miracle.

When God provides, He provides for our needs and not for our ____________.

Provision in the __________John 6:15-21

Exhaustion in the storms of life often leads to ________________.

Their biggest need at that moment wasn’t calming the winds, it was calming their ____________.

The real provision is God’s peace ________ Him and ____ our hearts, additional miracles are a bonus.

The Purpose of __________________John 6:22-27

The bread represents Jesus because He is the __________ ____ ________.

The purpose of provision is to turn our hearts to ______.