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John 7:1-24 - Resentment of Righteousness

Kevin Finkenbinder

John 7:1-24 – Resentment of Righteousness

Holiday Date
(2021 date)
OT Meaning Possible Christian Equivalent
Passover Nisan 14 at Twilight (March 27) Salvation from Egypt Good Friday
Feast of Unleavened Bread Nisan 15-21
(March 28-April 3)
Purification in the Wilderness Sanctification in a Christian life.
Feast of First Fruits The day after Passover Sabbath
(April 4)
The Beginning of Harvest Christ our First Fruits (1 Cor. 15:21-23)
Feast of Weeks 50 days after Passover (May 23) Completion of Harvest Founding of the Church
Feast of Trumpets Elul 1
(September 7)
Gathering to rest. The Rapture
Day of Atonement Elul 10
(September 16)
Mourning over sin Judgment of God in great tribulation?
Feast of Tabernacles Elul 15
(September 21)
Dwelling with God New Heaven and New Earth

Doubts ____________ HostilityJohn 7:1-5

The Word became flesh and ______________________ among us.John 1:14

Jesus family thought He was __________Mark 3:20-21

Hatred from the __________John 7:6-13

Jesus was not __________________ by His death.

Jesus’ existence __________________ to the evil done in the world.

Men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were ________.John 3:19

Truth ______________John 7:14-19a

Jesus offended them by teaching in ______ ______ name.

If you ____________ to follow God's will, you will know if Jesus is true.

If they __________ to understand the Law of God, they would recognize Jesus.

Right ________________John 7:19b-24

When you confront someone who is attacking you, they are likely to ________ the attack.

They were amazed by his ________________ to perform a miracle on the Sabbath.

God is not pleased when we look only at the outward ______________________.

  • Have you built a ________ for God? Have you invited Him in?
  • Are you __________________ the truth, or being attracted by appearances?