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John 7:25-53 - Crowd Psychology

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 7:25-53 – Crowd Psychology

Intrigued by ______________________John 7:25-31

Humans get __________ with things going well, but put in a little ______________________ and everyone's ears perk up.

They were more interested in the controversy than the __________.

They were unable to grab Him because His ________ had not yet come.

Limited by ______________________John 7:32-36

Their attitude was "chaos is fine as long as it is ____________ to us."

Their perspective was limited by ______________ understanding and by their __________________.

Attracted by __________John 7:37-41a

On our journey to understanding, a danger is getting closer to truth and being __________________.

Knowing enough is not enough.

Misdirected by __________________John 7:41b-44

We want to think we are logical, much of what we do and believe is based on __________________ response.

Scripture said He would be ________ in Bethlehem, but did not say He would be a Bethlehemite.

Puffed up by __________John 7:45-49

Often if you go against the popular ______________, you are accused of being deceived.

This is __________.

Deceived by ______________________John 7:50-52

They had looked down on Galilee so they ______________ nothing was said in scripture about Galilee.

They were ALMOST rightIsaiah 9:1-7.

The birth of Jesus leads to the "Prince of Peace" and is ________________ connected to the honor of Galilee of the Gentiles.

Then each went to his own homeJohn 7:53