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John 8:12-30 – Look to the Light

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 8:12-30 – Look to the Light

Jesus’s claim is __________ because of His person.John 8:12-14

Someone testifying about ____________________ should be put under oath to tell the truth.Exodus 22:11

The pharisees celebrated that Jeremiah defended himself by testifying on his ______ behalf.Jeremiah 22:11-16

If you deny His witness about Himself you will __________ ______ the true light.

Jesus’s claim is __________________ by the Father.John 8:15-20

He pronounces the ______________ by saying He is distinct from the Father and that the testimony of two people is legally valid.

Jesus says, “I am my father are one.”John 10:30

The way to know the ____________ is by knowing __________.

We ____________ follow unless we trust the light. John 8:21-24

When he says “you cannot come,” it is saying that it is not in your __________ to come, you need ________ from outside yourself.

Men love ________________ rather than life because their deeds are evil.John 3:19

Our sins will no longer cause our __________ if we faithfully believe His claims and follow where He is going.

The light ______________ God’s nature and will. John 8:25-30

Jesus made it abundantly clear that He ____ God.

Jesus testifies to the ______________.

Jesus revealed the ____________ nature of God.

Just as Moses lifted up the ______________ in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up.John 3:14

When __________ was lifted He drew all men to Him.John 12:32

If you look to the light, Jesus, in __________ you WILL be saved.

If you look to your own ability, you ____________ come to the Father.