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John 9 – The Man Born Blind

Kevin Finkenbinder
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John 9 – The Man Born Blind

Sent to ______________ God’s Work.John 9:1-7

All Sicknesses are a ____________ of Sin.

All sicknesses are ______ a result of sins.

The __________ of sin and pain will be replacedRevelation 21:4

When God chooses to allow or cause illness we have to __________ His plan.

God’s Work ____________________.John 9:8-16

If we ________ to give God glory, we are questioning His work.

Testimony ____________John 9:17-23

It is a ______________ thing to fall into the hands of the living God.Hebrews 10:31

But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are ____________.Psalm 130:3-4

Trial by ____________John 9:24-29

When people don’t want to admit __________ they often devolve into insults.

Insults have nothing to do with facts but are a distraction from ________________.

Convinced by ______________John 9:30-34

When we defend against ridiculous accusations with the truth, we become more sure of what we ______________.

Jesus’s ________________John 9:35-41

If you ________ to believe in Jesus, Jesus will show himself to you.

We cannot want to believe unless the Father __________ us.John 6:44, Romans 9:18