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Luke 2:15-20, Matthew 2:1-11 - Christmas Treasure

Kevin Finkenbinder

Christmas Treasure
Luke 2:15-20, Matthew 2:1-11

God provides the treasure…

…of ________ ________.Luke 2:15-18, 20

Good news should be hard to keep __________.

The best way to receive the treasure of good news was by ______________ it.

Are ______ treasuring the good news by sharing it?

…of ____________Luke 2:19

The best treasures are ______ financial.

The __________ things can be precious treasure, when in the ______________ of a treasured memory.

Are you treasuring the memories of what God has ________?

…of ________________Matthew 2:1-9

When Daniel was in Babylon, he was in charge of the ________ ______. .... Daniel 2:48

God offers you guidance from __________________, __________________________, __________________, and, sometimes even ________________.

Are you treasuring the guidance that God has given you?

…of ______________Matthew 2:10-11

They were ______________ to worship.

Worship ____ a treasure.

Are you treasuring the ____________ to worship Jesus?

…of meeting our __________Matthew 2:11b

God blesses with treasure for a ______________.

God knew Joseph would ________ money to establish a life in Egypt.

Have you ____________________ how to meet the needs of those around you?





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Jesus and the Cross or Jesus in the Manger

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