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Psalm 66:1-2, Luke 2:1-14 - God's Glory

Kevin Finkenbinder

God’s Glory
Psalm 66:1-2, Luke 2:1-14

God Uses the __________ for His Glory.Luke 2:1-4

By forcing Joseph to go to Bethlehem, ________________ is fulfilled.Micah 5:2

God was glorified because a Roman Emperor loved to make ____________________ demands.

People Glorify God by __________________.Luke 2:4-5

God is glorified by Joseph’s obedience to __________ command.

God is also glorified by Joseph’s obedience to ________________________ demands of the government.

The government is ____________ to promote the good and punish the evil.Romans 13:3-4, 1 Peter 2:13-14

The government is to keep __________1 Timothy 2:2

Τhe government should collect __________ to pay for the enforcement of those laws.Matthew 22:20-22

We must obey ______ rather than menActs 5:29

To the extent that they are in their realms and not contradicting God, God is pleased and glorified when we ____________ to government.

God’s Glory is not always ______________.Luke 2:6-8

For most of Bethlehem, life went on as ____________.

 The shepherds were the ones appointed to __________________ the Passover lambs.

God’s Name is Glorified in ____________.Luke 2:9-14

Moses was told that if he saw God’s full glory he would not ________.Exodus 33:18-23

Jesus did not come as an example of peace between men, but as __________ of peace from God on those He has chosen.

The things of heaven are ____________________, but the peace from God calms all our fears.