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Daniel 10 - Warfare Prayer

Kevin Finkenbinder

Warfare Prayer Daniel 10

Prolonged Prayer Comes from the __________ Daniel 10:1-3

No one __________ war.

Prolonged ____________ is a form of war.

What is it that ________________ your heart?

Prolonged Prayer is __________________ Daniel 10:4-9

No one is more alone than when they are alone in a __________.

Prolonged prayer is like a siege…the enemy knows he cannot win against your prayer, so he tries to ________________ you to give up.

Will you continue to pray, or surrender just as your help __________ ________?

Prolonged Prayer is a ____________ Daniel 10:10-14

We don't know what God is __________ behind the scenes.

Effective ____________ of a righteous man accomplishes muchJames 5:16

Ten ____________________ of our spiritual warfareEphesians 6

  1. Rely on __________ strength.
  2. Our battle is against __________________ forces.
  3. Be ____________________ by honesty (belt of truth).
  4. Cover your __________ with virtue (breastplate of righteousness).
  5. Be ________________ for peace (feet covered by the preparation of peace).
  6. Trust God to ______________ you (the shield of faith).
  7. ____________ your thoughts (helmet of salvation).
  8. ______________ with scripture (sword of the Spirit: the Word of God).
  9. ________________ prayer as a discipline (prayer and petition at all times).
  10. Consider the ________________ and __________ other believers (be alert for all the saints).

Prolonged Prayer Provides __________ Daniel 10:15-21

If you have not fasted for long periods of time, it is foolish to go straight to a prolonged food fast.

Look to ______ for your peace.

God ________________ peacePsalm 29:11, Galatians 5:22-23, John 16:33.