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Daniel 11:1-35 - The Silent Years

Daniel 11:1-35 - The Silent Years

Relying on ____________ and __________ will Fail

______________Those who __________ in riches will failProverbs 11:28

The riches of God will never fail, but wealth of this world will be __________________ or stolen1Timothy 6:17

our source of survival is not what we can buy, but what God ________________ to usMatthew 6:25-26

God's ______________ is beyond our ______________, it is complete and eternalGalatians 5:1


As Christians, we should boast in ________________, so that Christ’s __________ can show through us2 Corinthians 12:9

Family ______________________ may Fade Away

Brother will ____________ brother and father will ____________ son
Matthew 10:21

If God is your father, He has promised He will __________ leave you nor forsake youDeuteronomy 31:6,8
 Isaiah 40:10, Hebrews 13:5

If God is your father, then Jesus is your ______________Hebrews 2:11-12.

A Covenant/Treaty is Only as Good as the ______________________

The deal is only as good as the ____________ involved.

The Old Covenant was not __________________ by Christ, it was __________________ by Christ and then He created a New Covenant.

God is Not Surprised

Often the reason we fail is not our __________________, but our ______________________.

Jesus sacrificed ______________ to create a New Covenant of His designJohn 10:18, Romans 5:8

The heavenly Father sacrificed __________John 3:16, Isaiah 53

He made the covenant ______ you.  Your part is to accept it and live in it.