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Daniel 11:36-45 - The King Will Do as He Pleases

Daniel 11:36-45 - The King Will Do as He Pleases

____________ language is forbidden in scripture:Ephesians 4:29; 5:4, Colossians 3:8, and Proverbs 10:32

The word ________ means, "excessively bragging or producing no results."

God the Father told Moses his name is YHWH, also pronounced Jehovah, which means "__ ____".

The Son is named:

  • __________ (Yeshua)"I am" deliverer
  • ImmanuelGod ________ us

Claim to be God on __________.Daniel 11:36-37

God finds it boastful and arrogant to declare what you ________ doJames 4:13-16

Are you flexible enough to let God change your __________?

Claim to save the __________Daniel 11:38-39

While building his fortress, he will attack the "__________________ of fortresses".

We join King David in proclaiming that ______ is our fortressPsalm 18:2

When choosing safety & peace in the world or safety & persecution in God's will, __________ will you choose?

______________ to save the worldDaniel 11:40-44

Instead of relying on ourselves, we should look to God's formula for ______________ peace.Hebrews 12:14

Failure to __________ by himselfDaniel 11:45

If you keep life in ________ control, you will fail.

The cost of your inevitable failure will be far higher than any ____________ for successMark 8:35-37

Only God

Only God lives up to His ________.

Only He ____________ without need for anyone else.

He chose to love ______, but He doesn't need you.

Only God can ________

Only through Jesus is God ________ us

The King of Kings will ALWAYS do as ____ pleases.