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Daniel 4 - Salvation in Trials

Kevin Finkenbinder
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Daniel 4 – Salvation in Trials

This is the only passage written by a Gentile in the Old Testament – Daniel 4:1-3

God _____________ His representative - Daniel 4:4-9

How is God preparing ______ to be His representative?

We see that God has a plan…even for the most ________________ of leaders - Daniel 4:10-27

God has a ________ and will carry it to pass.

How will His ________ come to pass in our lives?

__________ tears apart lives - Daniel 4:28-33

Pride goes before a fall and haughty spirit before stumbling - Proverbs 16:18

____________________ brings some to God who would not be won by blessings - Daniel 4:34-36

Perhaps we should pray that God would save them ______________ the situation.

Some people need to be ____________ before they can be saved.

It is __________ too late for salvation - Daniel 4:37

If we are prideful, ______ may have to break that.

The ____________ we are willing, His salvation is ______________ for us.