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Daniel 5 - The Handwriting is on the Wall

Kevin Finkenbinder

The Handwriting is on the Wall - Daniel 5

The world will __________ Holiness
Daniel 5:1-4

We may not ridicule God, but are we ____________ of ridiculing those made in His image.

Do you ridicule the politicians you disagree with?

God will make Himself known
Daniel 5:5-9

When God speaks to those He has ____________, He makes himself understood.

When God communicates with __________________________, He often uses messages that shake their confidence, but that they cannot understand

God reveals the ______________ through believers.

When we are stubborn, God has to use __________ ways to get our attention.

God will provide a way of __________________________ His message
Daniel 5:10-15

"God is more interested in you __________________ ______ ________ than you are."


The world will entice you with __________
Daniel 5:16-21

Daniel demonstrates that self-reliance is ______________.

Belshazzar tries to induce Daniel by offering to make him third highest ruler in the nation. Why __________?

The reason that Belshazzar offered to make Daniel third highest is because Belshazzar was ____________ __.

Where are ______ doubting God? Is it because God is wrong or because you don't have enough information?

God will set a __________ on the heart of kings and nations
Daniel 5:22-28

Do you want __________ or what you are ________?

In the face of judgment, the world will remain __________
Daniel 5:29-31

Our country has gone through ________________.

[…] return to the LORD your God, For He is gracious and compassionate............................................................................ Joel 2:12-14

What will you do?