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Daniel 6 - Liars, Laud and Lions

Kevin Finkenbinder
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Liars, Laud and Lions ― Daniel 6

The sinful world __________ the lightJohn 3:19-20

Lies that the Bible is not historicalDaniel 5:31-6:3

People will ________________________ your faith.

Lies against believersDaniel 6:4-9

When someone decides to attack you, will you be faithful enough that they have to ________ __________________ ____?

Laud (______________) of God in persecutionDaniel 6:10-13

No one ____________ doing the right thing just because the ____________________ outlaws it.

True worship is not outrage over what others do, it is a __________________ that we live.

Laud (____________________) for a faithful workerDaniel 6:14-15

Are you faithful enough in your work, friendships and neighborhood that people are willing to fight a hopeless fight to ________ ______?

Lions are in God’s ______________Daniel 6:16-24

Υou can have confidence that God is bigger than the ____________________.

We should __________ God to repay the wrongs, so we don’t have to.

The Lion of __________Daniel 6:25-28

Does the world know of God because of ________ faithfulness?