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Daniel 7 - the Four Beasts Prophecy - Part 2

Kevin Finkenbinder

Daniel 7 - the Four Beasts Prophecy - Part 2

Recap of part 1 Daniel 7:1-10,15-18

  • Beasts: Nations and Rulers
    ________ – Babylon
    ________ – Medo-Persia
    ______________ – Alexander’s Greece
    Fourth __________ –Roman Republic and Empire

The Little Horn – Revived ________Daniel 7:7-8,11-12

The little horn is described as ________________.

The Little Horn – the ____________________Daniel 7:19-25

While this future ruler will be antichrist and likely the premier example of being antichrist, scripture does not directly give him this __________.

The closest we come to a dual in English is when we say “________”.

The word ‘__________’ in Hebrew is a dual.

Son of Man – Jesus' Second Coming, New Heaven and EarthDaniel 7:13-14,22,26-28

At his first coming, Jesus came humbly, at his second coming he will come as a ____________________ ________.

as Christ was caught up into the clouds at His ascension, he will also ____________ on the clouds.Acts 1:7-11

We will __________ with Christ.Revelation 20:4-6

How then will they ________ on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard?Romans 10:14