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Daniel 9:1-19 - Repentance for the Nation

Kevin Finkenbinder

Daniel 9:1-19 - Repentance for the Nation

Repentance Begins with a ____________Daniel 9:1-3

There will never be American repentance unless ____________________ __________________ first repent.

In our repentance, how will we ____________ our lives to demonstrate our ____________ over sin?

Repentance is Admitting ________________ SinDaniel 9:4-6

You can only expect what you ______________.

Admitting sin ________________ specifics.

Being specific does not mean sharing __________ ____________.

Repentance Views our ________________ Relative to GodDaniel 9:7-10

If we aren’t ____________ by our sin, then we haven’t truly repented.

The shame of sin need not be __________________ because God’s forgiveness is infinite.

Repentance ________________ the DisciplineDaniel 9:11-14

True repentance requires that we recognize that God is ________.

How can we ______________ God’s discipline on behalf of our country?

Repentance ______________ to God’s AttributesDaniel 9:15-19

As we pray in repentance for our country, let us appeal to God because of His __________.

We can pray for repentance of our country because we desire to see ______ __________ reached by the gospel.