Daniel 9:20-27 - 70 Weeks: Countdown to the Millennium

Kevin Finkenbinder

70 Weeks: Countdown to the Millennium
Daniel 9:20-27

God's ____________ is not our ownDaniel 9:20-23

As Daniel ______________, God ______________ His will.

We present ourselves to God by being ______________________Romans 12:1-2

Conforming to His will comes from a broken ____________ and a ________________ heart of repentancePsalm 51:17

Have you considered seeking God’s will through a life of repentance?

God's agenda has a timetable for the ____________Daniel 9:24

70 weeks of years, or ______ years, is established to do 6 tasks.

  1. Finish the transgression – this refers to ending the __________________ against God’s leadership
  2. To make an end of sin – to take away the ________________ desires that lead them away from God
  3. to make atonement for iniquity – to ______ ______ ______________ for sinning against God
  4. to bring in everlasting righteousness – breaking the __________ of overconfidence and sin
  5. to seal up vision and prophecy – to ______________ everything God has promised to do
  6. to anoint the most holy place – to prepare a place for God to be eternally ____________________.

Some of God's timetable is ________________Daniel 9:25-26

God doesn't ________ in approximations.

To this day, much of Israel is ________________, but prophecy shows it will bloom again.

Some of God's timetable is ____________Daniel 9:27

70 weeks are appointed, but not ______________________ weeks.

As Christians we are the ____________ of God1 Corinthians 6:19, Ephesians 2:19-22


Christians can ____________ that temple but cannot make the temple ________________.