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Vision 2021 - Part 1 Image Vision 2021 – Part 1 ____________1 John 5:14-15

Everything we do needs to be ________________ by prayer. Colossians 4:2

Prayer calms our __________________.Philippians 4:6

In prayer He tells us the…

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Luke 2:15-20, Matthew 2:1-11 - Christmas Treasure Christmas Treasure
Luke 2:15-20, Matthew 2:1-11 God provides the treasure… …of ________ ________.Luke 2:15-18, 20

Good news should be hard to keep __________.

The best way to receive the treasure of good news was by ______________ it.

Are ______ treasuring the good news…

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Psalm 66:1-2, Luke 2:1-14 - God's Glory God’s Glory
Psalm 66:1-2, Luke 2:1-14 God Uses the __________ for His Glory.Luke 2:1-4

By forcing Joseph to go to Bethlehem, ________________ is fulfilled.Micah 5:2

God was glorified because a Roman Emperor loved to make ____________________ demands.

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Isaiah 9:1-2, Luke 1:26-35 - Jesus Light of God Jesus Light of God – Isaiah 9:1-2, Luke 1:26-35 Light __________________Isaiah 9:1-2, John 1:1-4

All of humanity has lived in the ____________ of death.

God’s Light promised was a __________ that allowed us to see hope in a dark world.

The coming of Jesus is a ____________ of…

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John 10:1-21 – Jesus is the Good Shepherd John 10:1-21 – Jesus is the Good Shepherd Identifying the ShepherdJohn 10:1-3a

If someone is ________________________ dishonest in one area of their life, you cannot trust them in other areas.

The Old Testament ________________ are watchmenHosea 9:8

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John 9 – The Man Born Blind John 9 – The Man Born Blind Sent to ______________ God’s Work.John 9:1-7

All Sicknesses are a ____________ of Sin.

All sicknesses are ______ a result of sins.

The __________ of sin and pain will be replacedRevelation 21:4

When God chooses to allow or…

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John 8:31-59 Liar, Lunatic or Lord John 8:31-59 Liar, Lunatic or Lord Sons or ____________John 8:31-39

__________ is the truth that we must know.

Jesus is talking about slavery to ______.

____________________?John 8:40-45

Legitimate children ________ the father’s other children and specifically the ______.…

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John 8:12-30 – Look to the Light John 8:12-30 – Look to the Light Jesus’s claim is __________ because of His person.John 8:12-14

Someone testifying about ____________________ should be put under oath to tell the truth.Exodus 22:11

The pharisees celebrated that Jeremiah defended…

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John 7:25-53 - Crowd Psychology John 7:25-53 – Crowd Psychology Intrigued by ______________________John 7:25-31

Humans get __________ with things going well, but put in a little ______________________ and everyone's ears perk up.

They were more interested in the controversy than the __________.

They were…

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John 7:1-24 - Resentment of Righteousness John 7:1-24 – Resentment of Righteousness Holiday Date
(2021 date) OT Meaning Possible Christian Equivalent Passover Nisan 14 at Twilight (March 27) Salvation from Egypt Good Friday Feast of Unleavened Bread Nisan 15-21
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John 6:28-71 - The Living Bread John 6:28-71 – The Living Bread The Bread from ____________John 6:28-40

Jesus was referring to ______________ as the one God has sent.

A ______________ will never cause anyone to believe.

The ________ ____ ______ is bread that gives life, not physical manna.…

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John 6:1-27 – The Provision of God John 6:1-27 – The Provision of God Provision ________________John 6:1-2

When someone comes with an expectation of receiving material provisions, they are coming with the wrong motives…this is nothing more than __________.

Do you want to be tied to this world, or to God?  ____________…

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John 5.31-47 - The Testimony of Christ John 5:31-47 – The Testimony of Christ Concern ________________________John 5:31

When someone questions your faith in Christ, will you acknowledge and try to ______________ their concerns?

The Witness of ________John 5:23-35

If they don’t believe you, can you point them to a witness…

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John 5:16-30 - Begotten, not Made Begotten, not Made – John 5:16-30 Jesus' ____________ is God.John 5:16-18

When we miss something in the Book of John, the ________ seem to come to our rescue.

There is ONLY ______ God, so if Jesus is God and is ________________ from the Father, this can only be true through the trinity…

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John 4:43-5:16 - Signs of Belief John 4:43-5:16 - Signs of Belief ______________ BeliefJohn 4:43-46a,48

All of us have times of __________________.

God has given us all ample evidence to believe Romans 1:19-22

“Lord, I believe, help my ________________.”Mark 9:24

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