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John 5.31-47 - The Testimony of Christ John 5:31-47 – The Testimony of Christ Concern ________________________John 5:31

When someone questions your faith in Christ, will you acknowledge and try to ______________ their concerns?

The Witness of ________John 5:23-35

If they don’t believe you, can you point them to a witness…

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John 5:16-30 - Begotten, not Made Begotten, not Made – John 5:16-30 Jesus' ____________ is God.John 5:16-18

When we miss something in the Book of John, the ________ seem to come to our rescue.

There is ONLY ______ God, so if Jesus is God and is ________________ from the Father, this can only be true through the trinity…

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John 4:43-5:16 - Signs of Belief John 4:43-5:16 - Signs of Belief ______________ BeliefJohn 4:43-46a,48

All of us have times of __________________.

God has given us all ample evidence to believe Romans 1:19-22

“Lord, I believe, help my ________________.”Mark 9:24

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John 4:1-42 - Drawing from the True Well John 4:1-42 - Drawing from the True Well Taking __________John 4:4-8

__________ took the risk.

Are you ______________ to take risks for the Gospel?

Will you ____ where "those people" are?

Inviting ____________John 4:9-14

When someone tries to ________ ________ the…

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John 3:22-36 - He Must Increase, I Must Decrease

Technical issues prevented recording of this sermon, but notes and transcript are attached.

He Must Increase, I Must Decrease – John 3:22-36 We glorify God by ____________________ our tasksJohn 3:22-24

John's baptism was for…

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John 3:1-21 - God's Light: Nic at Night John 3:1-21 - God's Light: Nic at Night. Darkness of ______________________ and RiskJohn 3:1-2

If people ask about Jesus or Christianity, they are taking a ________.

We are better witnesses when we are __________ of the uncertainty and risk.

We come to Christ in the darkness…

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John 2:12-25 - Turning the Tables John 2:12-25 – Turning the Tables Discipleship Starts with ____________________John 2:12-13

They were connecting with ________ __________ and getting to know ________ ____________

As you consider the people around you have you __________________ with them?

Discipleship is the…

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Philemon Philemon Philemon 1-3 Paul addresses Philemon as dear friend and fellow worker. Who do you think of as a dear friend and fellow worker? Paul also acknowledges Apphia as sister and Archippus as a fellow soldier. How would you like to be known?  Friend? Fellow Worker? Sister/Brother? Fellow… Read More
John 1:35-51 - Come and See...Greater Things John 1:35-51 – Come and See…Greater Things Becoming a Disciple John 1:35-39

One day we will see Him as He is

Isaiah 6

Recognize that He is exalted as God and we are not. Recognize that His holy while we are sinners. Let His atonement touch us and cleans… Read More
John 1:15-34 Baptism John 1:15-34 – Baptism Testimony about Jesus as superiorJohn 1:15-18

John the Baptist tells how Jesus was both ____________ him and ____________ than him.

When we share our testimony in baptism, we need to ________________ who Jesus is.

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John 1:1-14 - Words of Light

While we are working on audio quality, please excuse the issues.

John 1:1-9 – The Word of Light Genealogy of The ________John 1:1-2

λòγος which can be translated ________, reason, ____________, meaning, standard, principle, and logic.

While there is only ______ God, He exists…

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James 5:11-20 James 5:11-20 James 5:10-11

“Those” in verse 11 refers back to the prophets in verse 10.

What does it mean to be blessed? Why do we count prophets as blessed who endured? What have you seen someone endure that made you see them as blessed? James 5:12

5 U.S. Code § 3331.Oath of…

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Daniel 12 - Until the End of Time Daniel 12 – Until the End of Time Judgment on Earth Daniel 12:1

God sends his Airborne forces (______________ the Archangel) turn things around.

________________ who is found written in the book, ________ ____ rescued.

Eternal Judgment Daniel 12:2-3

The dead will arise, some…

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James 4:11-5:10 Riches, Judgment, and Patience James 4:11-5:10 James 4:11-12 What is meant by “do not speak against one another”? Does this mean we cannot disagree? Some would say that we cannot evaluate others because that would be judging them. Is that what this passage says? James 4:13-17 Reread verse 13, is it wrong to say we will go and do… Read More
Daniel 11:36-45 - The King Will Do as He Pleases Daniel 11:36-45 - The King Will Do as He Pleases

____________ language is forbidden in scripture:Ephesians 4:29; 5:4, Colossians 3:8, and Proverbs 10:32

The word ________ means, "excessively bragging or producing no results."

God the Father told Moses his name…

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