Other Ministries Highlight

City Rescue Mission Cross above Michigan Avenue

We are pleased to support the work of the Lansing City Rescue Mission.  Each week, you will find a yellow barrel in our foyer that you can use to donate food, good quality clothes and personal items for the support of this ministry.  (Note: due to the nature of the ministry, please do not donate any personal items or food that contains alcohol. Items to avoid include flavor extracts, such as vanilla extract, and mouth washes that contain alcohol.)

The City Rescue Mission of Lansing was founded in 1911. As the largest shelter in Michigan's capital area, they provide shelter to 140 women, children, and men every night and serve about 100,000 meals every year. They are a Christian ministry which exists for the sole purpose of meeting physical and spiritual needs in our community!

You can find more information at their website: http://www.bearescuer.org/.