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Covid-19 Sermons, Studies and Sunday School

The leadership team has asked me to post some sermons and Bible Studies for the following weeks.

Sunday Worship

As we start this journey, I intend to continue the sermon series on Daniel.  I hope to make this available as a live stream on Sunday Mornings at 11:00.  By Saturday night I will post an outline for your use and some suggested Psalms, hymns, and songs.  Generally, the songs and hymns will have links to YouTube videos that you can watch and sing with.  To avoid unintentional interruptions, people signing into the sermon will have their cameras automatically turned off and their microphones muted.

Sunday School

For the Sunday School hour, I am working with Jim Kowalski to have him continue the excellent class he has already begun.  If you don’t have the student book for this class, contact Sherry Jewell and she can get one to you.  People signing into this study will have the option of turning on their camera and microphone.  

Wednesday Night Study

I felt that an ideal place to start the Bible Studies is in the book of Philippians.  Philippians is written to a church in turmoil and written by a person in isolation.  I hope to have a video study on Philippians available each Wednesday.  To help you prepare for it, I will try to post an outline and some basic questions each Tuesday evening.  As with Sunday School, people signing into this study will have the option of turning on their camera and microphone. 

How to connect

Connect to any of these by going to https://msu.zoom.us/j/5172818189 on your computer or smart phone.  You can also listen on any normal phone by calling (312) 626 6799  and enter meeting ID 517 281 8189 (long distance charges may apply).  Note, the first time you access a zoom meeting on your computer or smartphone, you may be asked to download a program or app.



I know this is an inconvenience and difficulty, but given the circumstances we are doing the best we can do.

I am praying for all of you.


In Christ and On the Journey

Kevin Finkenbinder