Sunday School and Worship Service Notices

Thank you for joining us today!

We are glad that you were able to join us today. While the response to COVID-19 keeps us from meeting in person, we still wish to connect with you and help you in any way possible.

This morning you had the opportunity to hear from God's Word. We invite you to respond by filling out this form. If you want to have more information on what it means to be a Christian, please ask. Alternatively, you can also read here find out more.

Online Sunday School 9:45 a.m.

May 31: Reach - Romans 15:14-21,30-33

No one had it all together spiritually, but all of them had the potential to become more like Christ.

Romans 15:17-18a - Therefore I have reason to boast in Christ Jesus regarding what pertains to God. For I would not dare say anything except what Christ has accomplished [...].

Online Worship Service 11:00 a.m.

May 31: Daniel 9:20-27 - 70 Weeks: Countdown to the Millennium.

How is Israel God's stopwatch and why did He pause the countdown for us?

Online Wednesday Service

An interactive discussion on how God's word applies to our lives.

June 3: James 2:14-26 - Screen Doors on Submarines


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