What to Expect

Welcome!!!  At FBC DeWitt, expect to find caring people who want you to be there.  There is no dress code, wear what you feel is appropriate for a family gathering.  The congregation ranges in age from children to seniors and the worship style tends toward the traditional (but you will find some more modern music thrown in as well).

Sunday Worship service starts at 11:00 a.m. and gets done about noon.  The service will begins with congregational singing (the words are displayed on a screen) and announcements.  There will be time to read scripture and pray with the rest of the congregation.  When the offering plate is passed, it is intended for members to support the church, we do not expect our guests to give (but you can if it is

your desire).  Our minister will then bring a message from God's Word to help you know how to better connect with God, your family, your neighbors, and even yourself. 

Plan to stay around a few minutes after the service for a time of fellowship with light snacks available for all to share.  We invite you to participate in other activities such as Sunday School, our weekly Fellowship Meal, and Bible Study & Prayer Meeting.  These are all smaller gatherings where you can get to know folks on a more personal basis.